uploading your files to playfold

Please use WeTransfer to upload your files to us.

WeTransfer is a secure way of uploading files across the internet. It is an industry standard used by many big name brands and marketing agencies.



  • First, ensure the images you are sending through are at least 300 DPI. If you do not understand what DPI's are, please consult your graphic designer.
  • Then, ensure in your files that all the fonts are converted to outlines or embedded in the documents you are sending.
  • We are unable to work with files for which we do not have the font.


Once you are ready, please visit:


Skip through the dialogues asking you to join up for WeTransfer+. When you are at the screen that has the upload box (pictured to the right) please enter the following:

  1. Add your files
  2. In the 'Friend's Email' field, please enter: info@playfold.co
  3. In the 'Your Email' field, please enter your email address (the one you use to contact us)
  4. Please leave a note in the message field stating your name, contact details and project name
  5. Hit Transfer